Cannasis Wellness

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Kiran Vankayala

Founder & CEO

Cannabis Entrepreneur | Plantsman
Environmentalist | Melophile | Wildlife Lover

Kiran Vankayala – with a Sanskrit name which means ‘a beam of light’ strongly believes that “the light” showed him the path towards the plant-based business.

He’s pursued an MBA specializing in Marketing and has worked in New Zealand. His interests have always inclined towards the environment, wildlife & health, plant-based products. It was the idea of a healthy mix of those interests that helped him initiate a pure plant-based business.

With his passionate vision always on the table, the cherry on the cake is his international exposure and his experience in accomplishing productive, ROI-driven projects, which is what we believe makes him a successful businessman.

Sravani Akula

Co-Owner , Architect

Co-Owner | Sustainable Architect

Sravani Akula– An architect by profession and an avid nature lover. She’s been on a path towards living a sustainable lifestyle and chose to be a vegetarian since she was a child. As she grew up close to nature she always wanted to bring a positive impact on the environment with a holistic approach.

She believes that her dream to bring about a positive impact on the environment started to take shape when she learned about the impact Hemp has on health, soul, and environment, which helped her strengthen her faith in the investment made.

With that as her goal, and as a leader she thrives to bring this miracle seed available to everyone in need.