Cannasis Wellness

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Cannasis Wellness is a Hemp startup based in Andhra Pradesh that specializes in 

manufacturing and selling Hemp-derived wellness and nutrition products. We are 

committed to crafting premium quality hemp seeds that are both natural and nutrient-rich. 

Our brand motto is “Let’s together make the earth greener,” and we firmly believe that 

product knowledge and quality are the key ingredients of our offerings. We also firmly 

believe that “Hemp Heals Humans.”

Cannasis Hemp Oil, derive by cold-pressing Indian-origin (Himalayas) Hemp seeds. Our 

unrefined, unfiltered, single-pressed, and chemical-free (Hexane) oil is rich in Vitamin E, 

Magnesium, and optimal Omega balance, which makes it an ideal solution for enhancing 

skin, hair, and body health. We like to call it “Multipurpose Health Oil” due to its versatile 

nature. Unlike any other super-healthy seed oil on earth, our hemp oil has a perfect omega 

balance ratio of 3:1 (Omega 6: Omega 3).

Our manufacturing process is designed to ensure the utmost quality of our products. We 

follow a meticulous step-by-step process to produce high-quality hemp products. Here is a 

brief overview of our manufacturing process


We source our hemp seeds from farmers in Uttarakhand. For every industrial hemp harvest, 

we receive samples that undergo a thorough examination to check for any contamination, 

including mould, mildew, or insect damage and Sort the seeds by size and colour to remove 

any discoloured or damaged seeds. The best seeds are selected and sent to accredited 

testing laboratories for fatty acid profile testing. Our suppliers are carefully chosen and 

adhere to strict regulations governing hemp cultivation, ensuring that the seeds are sourced 

from reliable sources that follow good agricultural practices.



The best seeds are selected and sent to accredited testing laboratories for fatty acid profile 

testing.  Based on the sample report, we categorize the seeds into either food or 

cosmeceutical grade, considering factors such as their rich oil content or nutty flavour.



Once the selected sample batch is received, hemp seeds are first pre-cleaned to remove any 

large foreign materials such as stones, sticks, or leaves. the hemp seeds are washed with 

water to remove any remaining debris or dirt.



We spread the seeds out on a large tray and it’s indoor drying. We regularly check the seeds 

to ensure they are drying properly. Once it’s crunchy and dry, with no signs of moisture, we 

collect it.



After cleaning we store it in food-grade containers that are tightly sealed to ensure its 

freshness. The containers are then transferred to our warehouse, which is well-ventilated to 

prevent the growth of mould.


Cold pressing

We collect the quantity from the warehouse on an order basis. Although there are various 

extraction methods available, such as solvent extraction and CO2 extraction, we opt for the 

cold-press method for our hempseed oil. This technique involves single-pressing the seeds 

between heavy plates, which helps to retain all the natural nutrients and flavors. To avoid 

damaging the oil’s nutritional properties, the hempseeds are pressed at a low temperature 

of approximately 45°C. We believe that maintaining a low-temperature pressing is crucial to 

preserving the oil’s aroma and flavor.



After the cold-pressing, the oil is separated from the seeds, and the remaining hempseed 

cake is used to make hemp flour rich in Protein and Fiber. The extracted oil may contain 

some solids or impurities that must settle at the bottom. To ensure purity, we leave the oil in 

a container for a while to allow the solids to settle. Once the solids have settled, we pour the 

oil into another container, leaving the sediment behind. We store the collected oil in a clean 

steel container to protect it from light and air, which can affect the oil’s quality.